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It's Never Been about the Outcome

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

So often we are living for tomorrow, constantly prepping our lives and getting ready for the next thing. We spend months and months fixated on a time, a distance, a race; hoping that once we get to the finish line and accomplish our goal, our lives will improve in someway. Oak Endurance works hard to flip this narrative and instead help individuals and the greater community focus on the process and all the amazing things that accompany your individual journey.

This past fall when a drastic heat wave hit the Minneapolis area, Twin Cities in Motion made the tough decision to cancel their yearly marathon. Like many other runners and community members, I was disappointed and outraged.

At first.

Then I remembered that this journey we are all on as endurance runners has never been about one specific race or even the outcome. It's always been about developing ourselves and being better than yesterday. In return, we become a better friend, parent, partner.

Furthermore, a lot of runners find a community that supports them in this journey with connections to other like-minded individuals. Often times, these communities form bonds that last life times.

I gathered with friends and others in the community and tackled the TC 10 mile race that race day morning, in light of the decision to cancel the races, and had a blast running and connecting with current and new friends. We were all dealing with the same circumstance of the race being canceled and decided to celebrate our year of training anyways.

What was even more special was that there were still hundreds of people out on the course that morning; running, biking, cheering, and hanging with one another. It was extremely encouraging to see so many people out still enjoying time with their community and making the most of the day. The perfect example that it was never about the outcome in the first place, but the person you become and the community you find along the way.

Blog Post written by Jacob Oak | personal trainer, run coach, and gait analyst that works with endurance athletes through Oak Endurance and Performance Running Gym.

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