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How can Oak Endurance help you?

Oak Endurance provides tailored services for runners including personal strength training, complete gait analysis, run coaching, corrective exercise and mindset coaching. 

If you are looking to stay injury free, increase your performance or want to avoid burning out in the sport, you are in the right spot!

Services include:

Gait Analysis

Personal Training

Group Training

Run Coaching

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The Process




Gait Analysis


Personal Training 
Run Coaching

Initial Consultation

Initial meeting to discuss your why and what you are hoping to achieve in your
fitness endeavor. During this meeting we will go over your journey thus far, future goals,
potential obstacles, and recommendations.

Complete Gait Analysis

When assessing movement among humans, we need to look at all 7-movement patterns: 

Push, Pull, Squat, Bend, Lunge, Twist, Gait

The complete gait analysis is the perfect spot to assess all potential items that are crucial
to the health of an endurance athlete.

Personal Training - Run Coaching - Gait Training

Now we can get started on an individualized program that will help you not only achieve your desired goals, but fall in love with the journey. 

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